Promotion of Your Book

The one thing all public speakers I have ever heard have in common is they have a book published. Now the question is what came first, the book or the public speaking jobs. I am sure the results are mixed. Some began speaking because they had a book to promote while others found they needed something to sell at the speaking engagements they already had. 

What I would suggest is start your book promotion online using social media then expand it to local book stores that hold book signings. You can even find other places to host your signing if book store are not interested. this will be a great place to be seen and get the work out about the book. It is also a good time to grab promo material. Take a little video of the opening crowd, of you singing a copy, money exchanging hands or a cc swipe. Perfect for a Facebook video. 

You can use the video and variations for your web site and public speaking page. Remember to do an opening speech just so you have a live segment for promotion. All you need is a few seconds for a video clip then scan to other highlights of the day. 

Great Books for Kids:

  • I Took The Moon For A Walk
  • The Adventures of Captain Underpants
  • Owl Moon
  • Grumpy Moon
  • My Message Today, Subject of Anti Bullying
Other sources to find good books are your local library and of course Amazon top selling list.